My Experience

After 30 years in the industry as a psychic medium I bring valuable insight to the table. In both life lessons and practical lessons with in my Psychic/Mediumship business. If you are looking for a psychic source you can learn about the many metaphysical topics through my you tube show "The Gifted Onez" via Giant TV Niagara, or my company "Psychic Kids United Inc." designed to support our youth and their parents navigate the unknown as they learn to hone their skills as a Psychic, Medium, Empath or Healer. My many in person workshops, or speaking engagements. Or my personal Life Coaching or Soul Coaching. My mission is to allow each person I connect with the ability to enlighten themselves with my many avenues of learning.

Why Choose Me?

My experience has shown me that you were likely guided to me by a higher source. What ever part of the journey you are on in your life, I have something to assist you to stay on course and even more so reach the heights that I know your soul can reach.

Liz Throp Psychic Medium

How Tuned in are YOU?

Have you ever wondered what GIFTS you might have? Take this comprehensive FREE Quiz to see where your strengths are. Are you a stronger Psychic then Medium, or are you a Stronger Empath then Healer? Or are you strong in all four areas? Compliments of Psychic Kids United Inc. written by Liz Throp & Margarett Sample Psychic Mediums, Life Coaching and teachers of all psychic source materials

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